About Audiostraction

Insightful Study of Song

Audiostraction is a music dedicated journal, created and written by a contemplative artist/musician in North American Texas.

The intention of Audiostraction is to take one song per entry, dissect it, analyze it, and discuss it from the listeners perspective. Every listener may gain a different message from a song, and a different reaction, whether positive or negative on what the song means to them, or if the existence of the song is even useful to the listener. Some discussion may also be upon the artist’s story behind the song, facts and trivia about the artist derived from the discussion of a song, or stories and memories of a listener at important times of their life.

The author of Audiostraction is a 27 year old musician of 17 years, a guitar teacher, and a graphic designer. He currently lives in Texas attending Texas State Technical College majoring in Web Design.

Any further info about Audiostraction and it’s author can be given upon request. Just leave a comment or email him at gemarrs@gmail.com. He also has a personal blog at http://gemarrs.wordpress.com

3 comments so far

  1. dori hartley on

    Hey, thanks for coming by. I am still unsure of how to reply or properly use wordpress, so forgive me that I’ve written you here. I am happy to meet you and read your blogs as well, I’ve subscribed yet it doesn’t show on my page. Know that I am reading and happy to see you are reading mine. 🙂

  2. eliciacw on

    Tried to view your other blog today and it won’t let me in???

  3. dzone on

    nice blog. keep in up. visit me if you like to exchange the blogroll links

    from Danuka

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