Bleeding Me

Song of Study:
Metallica – Bleeding Me

Although Metallica’s sound, for many of their fans, has taken a turn for the worse, there are certain songs among their albums “Load” and “Reload” which, if you consider the lyrics and the emotion of the song without comparing it to the original Metallica, you can very well find quite a deep connection to.

So today I am taking a song from Load entitled Bleeding Me.

This songs slow tempo, simple guitar riffs, calm verses, and opened chorus provides a strait forward channel to pay attention to the lyrical focus of the song.

Although the song itself might have a set story behind it, right now I feel like depicting what the song means to me on my own metaphorical but personal level. There are many things this song represents and shows me about myself. It’s a song I can listen to, and easily imagine the simple ideas portrayed from the lyrics, while relating to them on my own level. They seem to make me reflect on myself, what I want out of life, and what mistakes I’ve made in the past (which I like, because I’m big about being aware of my faults so I can improve myself in the future). Songs like this seem to help me evolve my view of my own world and define it through things like cause and effect. I also like this song because the feeling and shape of the music itself (especially through the chorus), delivers the emotion and tone quite powerfully and clearly. Take a listen at the song (below) and tell me what your connection out of it is.

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